Italian restaurants in Moscow. How good are they?

Top News / World / 5 August 2019
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In the early 21st century more than half of the world’s countries were invaded by multi cultures. And changes were made for the cuisines too. The reason for everything was globalization.

Italian restaurant

Italian restaurants

According to the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, the approximate number of Italian restaurants is about six hundred.

In one Moscow there are more than 30 national cuisines of the world and the leading place according to the reference service 2GIS is European cuisine. Japanese and Italian restaurants are in great demand. The exact number of such institutions in the capital cannot even name the Association of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia. The approximate number of Italian restaurants is about six hundred.

To find out how high quality these restaurants are and what kind of products they have, I talked on this topic with Evgeniy Sinaisky – engineer-technologist of food production, a graduate of the Moscow state University of technology and management of the faculty of food production technologies.

– Evgeniy, please, tell me, who works in Italian restaurants in Moscow?


– In Italian restaurants and not only in them mainly work only immigrants from the CIS and Central Asia. They are of course low-skilled. Yesterday many people built houses and today they chop cabbage for you, make sushi and pasta. I by virtue of my profession always pay attention to who is at the stove. I repeatedly faced the fact that restaurants do not need highly skilled workers in this area because it is expensive. For example, I need to pay 3.5 thousand per shift and immigrants from the CIS need a thousand or fifteen hundred. Do you feel difference?And the restaurant needs more than one employee.


– In most cases we receive frozen food in restaurants. No chilled food is out of the question. That supply only chilled – it’s all about lie. I have been in the profession since 2001 years. And since then things have only gotten worse and keep getting worse. I can’t but mention it but many restaurateurs do so: bring the chef from Japan or Italy and pay him from 200 thousand rubles a month. This chef spins the restaurant and attracts customers with quality. And then… Well, then, you can take the people more cheaper. I will add more about the quality of manufactured products.Technologies are not observed anywhere. Take even pizza: no filling or dough is not made as in Italy technology. Yes, we have 2-3 Italian restaurants where production technologies are observed but everything else is horror. And there are fabulous prices. More restaurants are deceiving: for example, once the pasta (Evgeniy calls the famous and inexpensive brand) was given for Italian expensive pasta! The pack of this paste costs one thousand rubles, and false – around 50 rubles. So we have no professionalism. So, you can write, what you want! But I say that the quality of food has deteriorated!

– You are in the food industry for 18 years and probably you know something about products from Italy. Can you tell me about it?


– Of course, high-quality products are supplied in one or two restaurants but it’s all worth the pleasure of fabulous money. But meat and seafood are only frozen and not chilled. And this is not a dry freeze as is customary and how to properly need technology, and this, of course, freezing in water. One gross and net weight diverge and we pay for the water and not pay the product.

– What else can you say from yourself?


– We have a terrible lack of professionalism in many areas and in the restaurant business including.

At the end of this conversation, I also want to note that the main ingredient of Italian cuisine is olive oil. This product is in great demand all over the world. The main producers of olive oil are Italy, Spain and Greece. The number of fake production has increased due to the high demand for this product. Every year the police expose dozens of such organizations. I will talk about the quality of olive oil in Russia in my next article.

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