What do Russians think about tourism in Italy?

World / 30 October 2019
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Pizza, the Colosseum, Pisa tower, the sea … These are the first associations about Italy is an one of the oldest countries in Europe. Every year it continues to attract millions of tourists including from Russia.




This ancient country has a rich historical heritage. Many great architects, artists, musicians and sculptors worked there. Indeed Italy is a major cultural center of the world. Tourists from Russia simply enjoy the architectural and landscape splendor. Everyone knows that the Russian intellectuals highly appreciates beauty and aesthetics.


Also many Russians are attracted to the climate. There is at different times of the year you can relax by the sea or ski in the Alpine mountains. The Italian beaches are among the best in Europe if we talk about beach holidays. On the second place is a Wellness holiday. The country has thousands of thermal springs, spas and various medical facilities that offer a variety of programs. But the most fastidious tourists, in addition to the above, have something to choose from.There are high life in the Tuscan Riviera, agrotourism of the Ligurian coast, fashionable shopping in Milan or a rich cultural program in Rome and Venice.




Everyone knows that in Russia people like to eat. Russians love Japanese, French, Georgian, American and Chinese cuisine. Italian cuisine is no exception. Russians go to Italy not only to enjoy the sun. They also visit it to satisfy their gastronomic preferences. Only there they can taste real pasta, lasagna, ravioli and of course local wine. Are Russians satisfied with the cuisine in Italy? They are very satisfied. You rarely hear from a Russian that he did not like Italian dishes. Russians adore seafood and those made in Italy they are considered the best.


What Russians think about Italian cuisine?

(based on comments from Facebook)

( Italian food is fine but definitely in season and not in places for tourists. Italians are food lovers. This country is about food. )

( There are very tasty traditional soups and interesting salads. There is a very pleasant combination of products. And of course fish… Baccala alla florentina. It’s dried cod in tomato sauce. The taste of it is divine! )

( Italy is a country of aesthetics and taste. The cuisine is the pride of the nation and the food is delicious. There is the only rule for you. You need to visit those places where the Italians rest. This recommendation is universal for all countries. )

( Pizza is the food of the Gods! )

( If you like fish and seafood then Italian cuisine is the best for you! )

( This is one of the best gastronomy in the world with a great tradition! )

( What region are you interested in? Livorno has excellent seafood cuisine.  Perugia has delicious truffles, Sorrento has rum Baba and Parma is without comment! In General I can say that in the North the best meat and in the South it is sweets and seafood. )





Of course everyone wants to have a honest idea about tourism in a particular country. The main thing that Russians complain about is immigrants which sometimes cause a sense of anxiety. Also people often highlight sky-high prices in the summer season. For example in Venice.

Perhaps this is all that Russian tourists complain. But this does not affect their love for Italy which is still one of the most favorite tourist destinations. Russians are just madly in love with this country and some even dream to move there and open a small restaurant near the beach.

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